Billhighway Global

Applies to Service: All

What is the Billhighway Global Service?

Billhighway Global is offered to standardize financial operations across the entire inter/national organization including Professional Associations, Community-Based Organizations, Athletic Leagues and Youth Development Groups, who oversee operations of multiple local entities such as teams, chapters and troops.

Billhighway Global helps to significantly increase an organization's revenues, reduce expenses and help eliminate the risk of fraud... all the while consolidating your accountant, banker, tax preparer, budgeter and bill payer.  For nearly any size and type of organization, Billhighway Global grants you access to customizable, real-time tracking with 24/7 support - all in one system.

Uniquely Powerful
Billhighway's unique web-based solution brings your banking relationship, accounting software, reporting tools and membership management systems together. It is power at your organization's fingertips.

Security is a top priority. Billhighway adheres to the industry's most stringent security regulations, such as VeriSign and TRUSTe, to ensure your personal and financial data is protected.

Integrates with New or Existing Systems:
Billhighway's belief is that focused expertise yields superior results - particularly when improving your group finances. We have focused on what we do best - Financial Performance Optimization for membership-based groups (and our Client's breakthrough results show) - and the very reason why we collaborate with other focused system providers to help ensure our services best fit with your needs. Whether you already have a system in place to handle dedicated processes, or you are looking for a new one, Billhighway Global Services integrates with a wide range of leading applications, vendors and systems, including:
  • Database systems
  • Community / Website-building and Management systems
  • Payroll systems
  • Accounting systems

Billhighway's unique approach gives you access to all your financial data in real time, helping you track shared expenses and to make smarter decisions based on accurate information. We're also here 24/7 with online support.

It's a hosted application so there's no software to download. Plus, you can login from anywhere at any time to review your financial data and pull reports - in real time.

Comprehensive and Accurate:
We help manage your finances from billing members and tracking finances, all the way through year-end tax preparation forms.

Transformational Results Have Clients Talking:
In the first 12 months of using the Billhighway Global system, every one of our Clients experience:
  • Significant increase in revenues.
  • Substantial reduction in expenses.
  • Exceptional improvements in operational efficiency.
  • Massive reduction in fraud exposure.

And since the results get better every year after that, it is no wonder that our Clients speak so highly of our system.

About Billhighway:

Billhighway is the leader in Financial Performance Optimization for membership-based groups, providing the web-based system that helps organizations enjoy improved financial health, operate more efficiently, and reduce the risk of fraud.  The company’s proprietary, all-in-one system comprehensively manages group finances and accounting – offering a powerful combination that helps enable organizations to spend more time advancing their mission rather than managing finances.  This improved operational efficiency and financial performance can be achieved in organizations of nearly any size and type, including professional associations, community-based organizations, athletic leagues, and Greek organizations.