Create Subscription Template

NOTE: Depending on your organizations setup, you may not have the Subscription template tool described in this article.   
If you want to watch a training video on how to create subscription templates, click here.
Create Subscription Template:
  • Go to the cash In tab > Member Subscriptions > Create/Edit Subscription Template
  • Enter in a name for the subscription- this can be the same as the member type that it is associated with
  • Select the member type- this is the corresponding membership category for your association.
  • Select the effective date- This is the date this subscription will appear to your members to sign up for on the new member sign up form online.
  • The next step will have you select the subscription amounts for National, State and Local dues
    • National dues will prepopulate but you will need to enter in the amount for state and local dues.
    • Once the totals are entered in hit next 
  • Click next to review all the details you have entered in and click submit to create your subscription template.  
  • Follow these steps through for the remaining member types that your group uses. 

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