Create Recurring Billing Template

NOTE: Depending on your organizations setup, you may not have the Recurring billing tool described in this article.   
If you want to watch a training video on how to create recurring billing, click here.
Create recurring billing templates:
To set up your recurring billing templates, you will first go to the cash in tab > Recurring Billing > Create Recurring Billing
Step 1: Select the billing type (your membership categories) that you wish to create the billing for and click next
Step 2:
  •  Enter in a description as to what this fee/bill is for (Tip-you can name it the membership category so your members are aware of what it is)
  • Select the frequency of how often you want to collect this from your members
    • You can collect monthly, semimonthly or bi weekly 
    • Depending on the frequency, you will then select either one day to collect, 2 days out of the month or the day to collect every other week. 
  • Then select the status
    • The status of active means this is live and not only can members sign up for this membership category on your member form, but that it is actively collecting the funds from the members who are in this billing type and recurring billing
    • Inactive means that members can no longer select this member category and are not being billed 
  • You will then select the end date of when you want to stop collecting this amount from your members.  You can choose to never stop and have it continuously bill and collect it from your members or choose after so many occurrences or a specific date to end by.  Then click next.
Step 3: Here you will select the reporting category as to what you are billing your members the fee for.  You can choose one category or split the amount over multiple categories.  The amount you enter in here is the amount that will be due/collected from your members on the date you selected in the previous step.  This is the monthly/ semi monthly/bi-weekly amount.  
If you wish to allow your members to voluntarily contribute to your group, leave the filer under voluntary contributions marked as yes and then members can select their own amount when signing up for your group.
Click next to move on to the final step.
Step 4:
Review all the details you have entered in and click submit to create your recurring billing template.  Follow these steps through for the remaining billing types (membership categories) that your group uses. 

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