In-Transit Account

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What is an In-Transit Account?

The In-Transit account is displayed in the Cash Account section of the administrator home page.  The In-Transit account is essentially a holding account where all incoming funds to Billhighway (Deposits or Payments) are held until they have cleared. 

  • Typically funds are held in the In-Transit account for up to 3 business days.
  • Billhighway automatically transfers the funds from the In-Transit account to the appropriate cash account (General Checking, Housing, Savings, etc.) once the appropriate time has passed and the funds have cleared. 

What are the Benefits of an In-Transit Account?

  • Utilizing an In-Transit account reduces the risk that your cash accounts could become overdrawn. 
  • Billhighway can provide certified funds to clients when money leaves Billhighway.  This means all money is guaranteed to clear when it is presented to a Vendor, Member, Charity, etc.

How do I Interpret the In-Transit Account Details? 

  • Click the View Details link, located under the In-Transit account displayed. 
  • Items that are incoming (deposits and payments) will be indicated with a positive value (incoming amounts are displayed in black when exported to Microsoft Excel). 
  • Items that have cleared and have been moved from the In-Transit account to the appropriate cash account will be displayed as a negative value.  (outgoing/cleared funds are displayed in red when exported to Microsoft Excel).  



Does this feature apply to my organization?

Many features within Billhighway can be customized by the organization/headquarters.  Read below to determine if your organization/headquarters has customized or chosen not to utilize this feature.

    If an organization subscribes to Billhighway's multi-entity accounting method, known as Quick Route, then the In-Transit account is only visible to executive level administrators within the organization.


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