Member Status; Member Type; Billing Type

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Member Status; Member Type; Billing Type:

Member Status
determines whether or not a member will receive an email bill.  Members who are assigned to an active member status (each organization may have a unique name for an active status) will receive an email bill.  Members who are assigned to an inactive member status will not receive an email bill.  

Member Type simply allows officers to further sort their member list in Billhighway.  The member type does not impact billing. Typically a member's type and status will coordinate, for example an active member may be assigned to an Active Member Status and a Collegiate Member Type.  Similarly, an inactive member may be assigned to an Inactive Member Status  and a Graduated Member Type

Billing Type is a category to which a member is assigned, that determines the amount that a member will be billed.  Administrators are required to assign each member to an appropriate Billing Type before creating Scheduled Fees.  
Administrators should keep a member's Member Status, Member Type, and Billing Type updated frequently to ensure that members are being billed/not billed appropriately. 

Does this feature apply to my organization?

Many features within Billhighway can be customized by the organization/headquarters.  Read below to determine if your organization/headquarters has customized or chosen not to utilize this feature.


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