Billhighway User Roles & Permissions

Every user of Billhighway is assigned a role, which depicts the level of access you may have.  Billhighway offers numerous user-roles with various levels of permissions.  In other words, each user account is assigned a specific role, and that role has access to certain pages, features & functionality.  Based upon your user role, briefly here is what you can expect:

  • The Member role is often referred to as a "user" or participant of a group.  This role has permissions necessary to control their personal account; including viewing account balances, viewing/re-printing statements and making payments on their account. 

  • The Group Administrator role is considered an "administrator" (i.e. officer, treasurer, president, etc.) of the local group (depending upon your organization type, this may be a unit, team, troop, entity, or chapter.)  This role has permissions necessary to control all aspects of the local group, including adding/updating and deleting members and fees.

  • The Advisor role is typically considered a "read-only" account, with access to many of the same pages as the Group Administrator of a local group (depending upon your organization type, this may be a unit, team, troop, entity, or chapter.)  This role has permissions necessary to oversee many aspects of the local group and based upon the organization's needs, may include read/write functionality but often defaults to "read-only." 

  • The "Regional" role has access to several group accounts that they may help oversee, advise or manage.  The "Regional" role has many names based upon the organizational needs, examples include: Regional Consultant/Advisor, Financial Specialists, etc. This role has permissions necessary to help local administrators govern local groups and has granular controls over various settings within the service.

  • The "Executive" role is typically considered the highest level of access.  An Executive role has access to all groups within their organization and has access to a specialized dashboard with advanced reporting, helping to bring visibility to transactional activity across their entire organization.

*The general rule of thumb is, each role above "member" has an elevated level of permission with customizable capabilities based upon the organization's need.  Regional and Executive roles can oversee multiple entities with roll-up features for specialized reporting and trending analysis across sub-sections of their organization, or throughout.   Every user action is recorded and logged to ensure maximum security and to maintain an optimal user experience with necessary isolation levels thus ensuring the integrity of all account information and preventing visibility to unauthorized users.  All interactions with Billhighway take place via a banking-compliant SSL encrypted tunnel and all sensitive and confidential information is further stored within a financial service industry required triple-DES encryption algorithm.